Global Bitumen And Base Oil Conferences In India!

Jet Fuel


PRODUCT QUANTITY: First Month & Subsequent Deliveries ALL under Contract for 12 Months with Possible Increase in quantities;
ORIGIN: Russian Federation;
DELIVERY: CIF to Houston, Rotterdam or BUYER’s Destination (FOB is not available at this time);
SPECIFICATIONS: Standard Export Quality;
PAYMENT: MT760 Auto-Revolving from 12 months, Top 50 Banks Worldwide;
CONTRACT: 12 Months with Possible Rollovers;
QUANTITIES: First lift minimum 1,000,000 BBLS and 2,000,000+ BBLS per month
PRICE: $67 per Barrel

1. BUYER issues ICPO with Spec-Sheet and then Sends POF Bank-to-Bank;
2. SELLER issues the Sales & Purchase Agreement (“SPA”) & NCNDA and sends it to the BUYER. BUYER returns the SPA & NCNDA duly signed;
3. BUYER sends SBLC Draft for SELLER’s Review and Comments. Once SELLER confirms Draft, BUYER’s Bank will send to SELLER Bank a SWIFT stating that they will open an SBLC on behalf of the BUYER;
4. BUYER’s Bank makes SBLC Operative and SELLER sends Bank-to-Bank the POP and PB 2%;
5. SELLER’s Vessel arrives at BUYER’s Port; SELLER presents Shipping Documents to BUYER. BUYER performs Q&Q Inspection of the Product/s and provides a copy to of the Report to the SELLER. SELLER issues a Master Commercial Invoice to BUYER. BUYER pays for the Product IN FULL via MT-103 or TT to SELLER’s Designated Banking Account within 2 Banking Days. SELLER transfers the product into BUYER’s Logistics;
6. Delivery commences as Contract;

Please send requests, including quantities, destination, confirming the acceptance of the procedure and payment method to [email protected]
Thank you,