Global Bitumen And Base Oil Conferences In India!


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    Dubai , United Arab Emirates
    Profile: Viryorja is Energy Petroleum products trading company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates including but not limited to Aviation Kerosene Jet Fuel (JP54), Diesel Gasoil (D2), Gasoline, Mazut and other refined products.
  • Oil And Gas Agency
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    moscow , Russia
    Profile: WE,Oil & Gas Agency are Direct mandate to a well credible Refinery here in Russia Federation and at the moment our Refinery have allocation for the listed product.Any interested person or company should contact below information's for more details.AVIATION FUEL (JP54) Jet Fuel, VIRGIN OIL (D6), D2, LNG/LPG, and Mazut,Urea46 and Dap fertilizer. FOB and CIF, Russian ports/Rotterdam sea-port and Houston port.
  • Zagros Company
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    Tehran , Iran
    Profile: After years of efforts to expand the export of Iranian and Russian refineries, I am ready to offer the best service and most realistic bids to real buyers. I have the ability to supply every kind of product produced by the refineries of Iran and Russia. With the help of me, Iranian refinery buyers will buy directly from the National Iranian Oil Company and private refineries. and also, I Can buy directly, from Russia's reputable refineries These refineries are among the most important refineries in Russia, and because of the sending of emails, the official email address of the refinery and direct contact with the manager of the refiner's export by email or telephone, there is no doubt that the seller will be real. As already used by other buyers. . I emphasize that the price of refineries will not change, and the price of refineries along with brokerage fees is equal to your product price ... Of course, I will provide you with the best prices and most reliable sources available. email: [email protected] [email protected] skype: hashemi144 whatsapp & mobil: +989211328656
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