Global Bitumen And Base Oil Conferences In India!


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  • Greenfield Offshore Limited
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    London , United Kingdom
    Profile: Our company Greenfield Offshore Limited, is in direct contact with a few refineries in Russia, with the ability to facilitate direct procurement for the buyers of Jet Fuel, Diesel, LPG, LNG, and various other petroleum products. This furnishes us with the capability for providing required support for the efficient supply of all the products in accordance with the specified quality and quantity while fulfilling all specified terms and conditions as established by the concerned refinery. The satisfaction of our buyers is our primary focus along with our corporate goal of environmental protection, which is the core business process of our company involving an extensive reduction in carbon footprint through the provision of integrated energy services to its customers, which ensures energy efficiency improvement in the electrical lighting systems.
  • Bretton Markets (pty) Ltd
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    GABORONE , Botswana
    Profile: Currently working on an LNG project to beneficiate 10tcf of Natural Gas. Have reliable supply of Jet Fuel and Petrochemicals from Russian Oil Majors through my partners who have worked with Russian oil majors for the past 25 years.
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