Global Bitumen And Base Oil Conferences In India!


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    Profile: IInnov Oil is a dynamic and innovative company in providing cost-effective, high quality lubricant additives and polymers to a wide range of customers. Innov OIl has obtained a unique position, by offering quicker turnaround than larger competitors. At the same time, the company’s focus on R&D, technical field support, unique customized products and a problem solving mentality differentiates Innov Oil from smaller suppliers and middleman distributors, but also from large multinationals. Situated in the heart of Singapore, Innov Oil is strategically located near one of the busiest shipping ports in the world. This allows Innov Oil to provide quick and convenient access to the fastest routes to your destination port. Moreover, Singapore is able to provide a stable economy to do long term business. Visit our website
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    Profile: We can offer high quality and very competitve prices to our client and always aiming to build long term Cooperation relations with active and serios clients ,offering suitable Cooperation terms and trying to fullfill all requirements of its market clients. Please contact us for more information. the Crude oil prices and to fullfill the time& avilabilty factors in this markt
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