Global Bitumen And Base Oil Conferences In India!


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  • Pinjonse Limited
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    Covent Garden , United Kingdom
    Profile: The company was certified in GIBRALTAR. A leading global independent business services organization. We offer customized solutions in areas of Capital Market, Corporate Finance, Commercial Real Estate & Mortgages and Infrastructure Project & Structured Finance. Through our lending and financing solutions, we enable our customers to pursue ambitious growth strategies and execute value-creating transactions. Essential to the success of PINJONSE LIMITED was and is their long-term investment policy. Since the financing is through equity of the shareholders and not by maturity limited funds , investments may also be very long, sometimes more than 20 years, are held.
  • Miad Oil
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    tehran , Iran
    Profile: Production and export of bitumen types and isogam The company has two bitumen manufacturing units, with standard reactors , equipped with instrumentation control system ,producing bitumen grades 90/15-60/70-70/100-80/100-85/100-40/50-30/50. In its development plan, construction of emulsion and polymer bitumen units are included . Confirmation of the highest quality national standard and the International Institute SGS offers. For price inquiries and orders, please contact us E-Mail : [email protected] WebSite : Tel : +982122940177 _ +982122942714 Manager : +982122942975 _ +982122940439 Fax : +982122942405
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