Global Bitumen And Base Oil Conferences In India!


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  • Immobiliare Ghisu
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    Alghero , Italy
    Profile: We are a Company based in Italy , we deal in most Biomass Vegetable oils or refined for human consumption , PKS and Molasse,Petroleum products.Our involvement in Biomass and Bio-fuel is quiet recent but our expertise in the alternative energy goes back several years such as Solar Energy and Wind Power. Our team is varied in their expertise and cover different roles in our organization. One of our partners is a permanent resident in South East Asia making our reach in the field endless.
  • Modern Chem Consultancy
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    Delhi , India
    Profile: Manufacturing,Fabrication,Erectioning Of Chemical Plants,Lubricant Tanks,Reaction Vessels,Equipments,Mixers,Exchangers,Pilot Plants,Distillation Units.
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