Global Bitumen And Base Oil Conferences In India!


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  • Appex Oil And Gas Company
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    St. Louis , United States
    Profile: we deal on Gasoline - conventional and rfg Diesel fuel - clear and dyed Fuel Oil - high and low sulfur dyed Heavy Oil - ranges and blends available Asphalt - pg's and fluxes Bunkers - made to specification Kerosene - different grades and dyed Biodiesel
  • Grace International Ltd
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    London , United Kingdom
    Profile: Dear Sir We are willing, able and ready to offer Bonny Light Crude Oil, JP54, D2, D6 and other Petroleum Products. Kindly let us know your POD ( Port Of Destination) so that we can give you our Petroleum Products price and procedure. Attached is our Bonny Light Crude Oil ( BLCO) Procedure. Best Regards Grace Ade Skype: Akdediamond
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