Global Bitumen And Base Oil Conferences In India!


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    Profile: Attn: We are writing to inform you that we have direct access and contact with suppliers of the products listed below. a. Diesel fuel D2, quantity 50,000MT----$ b. Aviation fuel JP54, quantity 850,000 barrels--------$ c. Virgin fuel oil D6, quantity 1,000,000 gallons-------$ d. Heavy industrial fuel oil M100/75/99, quantity 100,000MT------$ Our suppliers is ready and committed to supply and deliver any of these listed commodities on F.O.B basis upon receipt confirmation of buyer’s interest. Prices are subject to negotiation after ascertaining the buyers commodity of interest and sale purchase procedure will be made available to you immediately after receipt of your candid response. Contact details [email protected] With Best Regard V.B.Alexey
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    Profile: THIS IS A GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL TRADE ACTIVITIES BY VISCOUNT PETROLEUM / VISCOUNT GROUP LLC, . FOR DETAILED INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT US BELOW .......... VISCOUNT PETROLEUM : Company Name VISCOUNT PETROLEUM LLC ( A Subsidiary of Viscount Group ). Designation / Name CEO – Jimmy Eras. Okoli. Address 468 N. CAMDEN DRIVE. SUITE 265N. BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA 90210. U.S.A. Telephone # + 1 213 382 1058 Fax # + 1 213 382 2538 Mobile # + 1 213 382 1058 Email Address [email protected] Skype Name Viscount7446 Mail Address Web Site For Viscount Petroleum - Viscount Petroleum : P. O. Box 18048. Los Angeles, California 90018. USA "Superior Service is Our Ultimate Product"
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    Profile: Our focus is to create value for small to medium sized US companies wanting to export products to the 2nd largest economy in the world, China. From US product identification to international shipment and local delivery, Next Gen has the proven ability to ethically market, ship and sell your products, building your market share.
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