Global Bitumen And Base Oil Conferences In India!


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  • Oil And Gaz International Trading Co.
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    Dubai , United Arab Emirates
    Profile: Company was formed 2010 and was been engaged in trading of oil and gold. 2011 when they have close a deal for MDO under Sunrise Shipping and their buyer from Mainland China for spot deal and then they have done FOB for petro products. Company has so many buyers from Mainland China because of their main contact which is Sunrse Shipping Hong Kong.
  • Rso Trading
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    Qom , Iran
    Profile: RSO Trading company sales bitumen, base oil, lubricant industrial oil, oil derivatives and construction machinery with the best quality and competitive price. our branches in Cameroon and Congo. You can see list of our product in this address: RSO trading company is one of the most leading export companies in Iran in the field of exporting industrial goods, machinery and oil derivatives to the west of Africa and Middle East countries. We service our customer mostly with Asphalt plant, Batching plant, Crusher Plants which are exactly similar to the original ones in Europe and U.S.A. We have installed more than 50 developing projects in foreign countries such as Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Sudan, Nigeria, Gabon, Cameron, Guinea, Equatorial, Ivory Coast, Angola, Congo and etc. Over ten years beneficial working in export has gained us a lead position in this oriented field. We have installed our plants which are similar to its European ones with lower prices and more potentiality. As we always think to our customers, you can request an inspection in accordance with the importing country before loading to countries and vessel. Promptness, quality and after sales services are our motto in our job .Our customer satisfaction is our best propaganda in our job to be extended .This company with so much effort in industrial machinery has been introduced as the best exporter in Qom province. Company’s background We set many projects such as asphalt plant, crusher plant, batching plant and others in many countries such as: Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, UAE, Sudan, Nigeria, Cameron, Guinea, Congo-Kinshasa, Congo-Brazzaville, Angola, ivory cost, Liberia, Mali and others countries.
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