Global Bitumen And Base Oil Conferences In India For The First Time!


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  • Gulf Petrochem,
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    Mumbai , India
    Profile: Worked with Lubrizol Corporation of USA undertaken business development of Additives for Oil Filed Chemical, Refinery Chemical, Personal Care, Emulsifier, etc. Worked with Hindustan Colas (JV of HPCL) for the business of Value Added Bitumen, Road Materials, ERIES Belgium in West Africa for trading of Bitumen, Fuels, Chemicals, etc. With Gulf Petrochem for trading of Base OIls, Bitumen, Storage Marketing, Manufacturing and marketing of Lubricants. special compounds, etc. Having PhD in international marketing and published various international papers as well associated with IIT, Madras, etc.
  • M/s. Hasan Agency
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    Satkhira , Bangladesh
    Profile: Dear Sir, We are working as an agent and consultant of buyer/supplier in the international trade field of Agriculture-Food, Energy-Chemical, Metal-Mineral and others business. Our goal is to ensure good quality and achieve target with reasonable market price. We always fulfill terms and conditions of contract between buyer & supplier. We have been linked with many suppliers and agents of different countries of the world. For these reasons we are giving the following offer- Commodity : Soft Milling Wheat (Grade 2) Specification : Test weight: 78 kg/hl (Min.); Moisture: 13% (Max.);Protein: 12.5% (Min.); Gluten: 26% (Min.); Damage grain: 3%(Max.); Grain impurities: 1% (Max.); Broken grain: 3% (Max.); Style: Dried/Fresh etc.(International standards) Crop : Current crop Origin : Black sea area Quantity : 50,000 MT or any qty (+/-10%) Price : $ 210.00 ASWP So anyone interested pls contact us. Nahid Hasan hasanagencyDOTbhomraATgmailDOTcom skypehasan9
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    london , United Kingdom
    Profile: Types of Business Loans: Project Financing Bank Instrument Leasing Credit Enhancement Bank Securities Asset Finance Private Funding Bank Guarantees Proof Of Funds Project Management Venture Capital Private Placement Programs Medium Term Notes (MTN) Leasing Of Financial Instrument Standby Letter Of Credit
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